Three leader of NC are prohibited by Deuba to meet PM individually

Kathmandu,22 July

The chairman of Nepali congress’s sher bahadur deuba has ordered three senior leaders don’t meet pm kp sharma oli without his permission. Deuba has suspicion that three leaders might demolish the agreements between Nepali congress and CPN maoist center. Senior leader ramchandra poudel, central member Krishna prasad sitaula and prakash man singh are obstructed to meet pm oli. Deuba has suspicion that pm oli is trying to break down the cooperative agreements between congress and CPN maoist center with various non official reasons with support of seniors of nepali congress.

when CPN maoist center has been standing against the existing government, pm oli offered deuba and poudel for the capacity of prime minister through the telephone separately and they replied its too late.four days ago pm oli called ramchandra poudel to come prime minister house baluwatwar but poudel was unable to go there because of deuba’s ordered. similarly pm oli telephoned sitaula and singh to visit him but they said that we are against the agreements but we have to obey our party’s desicion.


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